Aeroplane July Mix

Aeroplane, (A.K.A. Vito De Luca) has done a late July mix, which is (predictably) pretty darn good. But more notably, he’s put in the brand spanking new remix of Chromeo’s ‘Don’t turn the lights on’, which must’ve only been completed all of two weeks ago!! Surely this must be the first recorded version of it available to the masses? The significance of the remix is raised somewhat seeing as it’s the first song Aeroplane have produced since splitting up and becoming a one-man band. Oh, and as you would expect – it’s a sensation.

Aeroplane – July Mix




Aeroplane’s July Chart Mix Tra­ck­list
1. Sweet G: ‘Games People Play’ [Ins­tru­men­tal]
2. Sarah Dash: ‘Low Down Dirty Rhythm’
3. Koto: ‘Chi­nese Revenge’ [Maxi Ver­sion]
4. Eve­ry­thing Eve­ry­thing: ‘MY KZ, UR BF’ [Grum Remix]
5. She­har­zad: ‘Yalla Yalla’ [Kid Who Remix]
6. Chro­meo: ‘Don’t Turn the Lights On’ [Aero­plane Remix]
7. Omar: ‘Fee­ling You’ [Hen­rik Schwarz Remix]
8. The Che­mi­cal Bro­thers: ‘Swoon’ [Lind­strom & Prins Tho­mas Remix]
9. Gold­frapp: ‘Belie­ver [Joris Voorn Remix]
10. Yoko Ono: ‘Every Man Has a Woman Who Loves Him’

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