Introducing: Retro/Grade

Tom Neville and Serge Santiago are the latest producers to have joined forces to become a ‘super duo’, and now go by the name of Retro/Grade. The sound they’ve created stands out like a sore thumb – contemporary yet retro at the same time. Picture NES computer games being muddled with Disco and Techno and you’re on the right tracks. We’re loving this sound – and a whole host of top guns are waxing lyrical about them too.

We’re only allowed give you this track, in fact we can’t even stream either of the tracks they’ve actually released. Sad face. It’s all very cloak and dagger you see. HOWEVER – check out the video for Moda below!

They’ve given us this cheeky little bootleg they made where they stuck Herbie Hancock’s ‘Rockit’ onto their track, ‘Pulsar’, which you can grab for free below! Pulsar is a badass by the way, I played it at our party on Sat and it went off. Go listen to (and buy) the full release here.

RETRO/GRADE – Pulsar (Herbie Hancock Rockit Bootleg)

Very much looking forward to more from this duo.




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  1. Aw the file was removed for some reason!

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