Icon Parade – Out Today!

Jukebox Collective release their second single ‘Icon Parade’ today. If you haven’t heard their tunes before – now is the time. Starting with what sounds like a guitar tuning up and an off-kilter drum beat – the song soon gives way to a jerky, scuzzed up bass line and lovely guitar. The star of the show though is the simultaneously nonsense and brilliantly fun chorus of:

“Animals! What i know, they gather at the same time, each night, the pictures in the windows tell it all. You better get your story – just right!”

The synth bubbling up until the song explodes back with full-on energy into the chorus. Jukebox Collective know how to write a pop song. The vocal is reminiscent of some other acts, notably The Rakes but they never provided the jerky dance rhythms of The Rapture to plot the tale.

Icon Parade is a colourful track which sounds poised to escape into the wider world. Infact, it already has – after recently being featured on a French advert for ‘Axe’/’Lynx‘. You can buy the single from today >>>


Juke Box Collective – Icon Parade

You can catch the boys this wednesday (11th August 2010) @ 93 Feet East for the Single Launch party, advance tickets are £5 and are selling fast!



2 Responses to “Icon Parade – Out Today!”

  1. sic!

  2. drewsyboo Says:

    yesssss love it

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