RIP Charles Haddon

I was planning on fitting two posts in one here, Disco of Doom and Ou Est Le Swimming Pool. I’d written the post a few weeks back and had yet to get around to coding the links. Sadly, this post is now going up just days after Charles Haddon from Ou Est Le Swimming Pool took his own life at Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium. I saw him play at The Great Escape in Brighton earlier on this year, and that’s where the photo is from. I wasn’t expecting much, and on record, you cannot get the ridiculous amount of energy that they exude. They were fucking awesome and had a fair few hundred people dancing their asses off whilst we were all praying that it wouldn’t rain, which thankfully it didn’t. I was excited about seeing them live again, Charles seemed to have the crowd in the palm of his hand, and the young schoolgirls squeezed up at the front were screaming like it was 1994 and they were at an East 17 concert. For a band I wasn’t sure about, and went to watch on a whim, I was taken aback at how good they were. Their last single, ‘Dance the Way I Feel’ is throwback electronic pop made by boys who certainly don’t fit the traditional boy band mould, so did it their own way.

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – Dance the Way I Feel

Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – These Knights (Disco of Doom Remix)




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