Aeroplane – We Can’t Fly album review

The most anticipated album of 2010 is almost upon us. We have our hands on a copy. Do they live up to their hype? Check out what we think.

If you think about it, what artist in the world of dance music has got people as excited as this on their debut? I can’t think of many since Justice. Justice were special because they defined a genre, encapsulating everything that was immense about French electro, whilst also giving it their very own unique twist. Here – we have another genre-defining act – this time in the form of the remixing god that is Vito de Luca – A.K.A. Aeroplane.

The comparisons with Justice however, don’t just end at this point; as the album intro track begins, thoughts instantly turn to ‘Genesis’ – the opening track on ‘Cross’. This introduction, unconventionally made with 3 beats to a bar instead of four (kiss goodbye to that one DJ’s), is an incredible way to lead into track 2 – ‘We Can’t fly’. The return of 4/4 beat pattern with such an amazing song gets the album going perfectly. Genius track – amazing start. Follow this with ‘Superstar’ (surely the next single?) and we are staring down the barrel of what could be one of the all-time great albums…

…Or are we?

If I’m honest, I’m not quite sure we are. Track by track this album (bar ‘Good Riddance’, which is quite frankly balls) is immense. But together, all these tracks don’t hang well together as one whole piece of music (unlike the Justice album), which if I’m honest, is a bit disappointing.

As expected however, there are some nu-disco wonder tracks on here. ‘Caramella’s’ is an incredible, piano-y, violin driven track with sluggish hi-hats and a real balearic feel. ‘Without lies’ is a beautiful, dreamy track with female vocals, and ‘My Enemy’ is a serious contender for my track of the year. That badboy would whip any crowd into a frenzy with the greatest of ease. (Check it out below – it’s streamed).

But it’s not all conventional ‘nu-disco’ per say. A surprise guest that is ever present throughout this album is ‘Rock’. That’s right – electric guitars, rock ‘n’ roll. The majority of tracks here feature it, one song even going so far as being a complete shouty diva rock song! Not what we’re used to – but it TOTALLY works. This dude is seriously ahead of time.

It’s clear that this album is by no means full of crowd pleasers, and I can understand (and envisage) it getting quite a mixed reception by many. But broken down track by track, it is immense, and is well worth falling in love with.

‘My Enemy’ for president.

Aeroplane – My Enemy




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