Major Lazer Soundsystem at Carnival 2010

Major Lazer is back at Carnival this year and I’m excited. Last year’s party was sexy as hell. The one armed ex commando, product of Diplo and Switch’s electro-dancehall imagination, will be hosting his annual gathering under the Westway on Monday and this year he’s invited along some fellow friends and derangees, namely David Rodigan, Joker, Drop The Lime, Poirier and Sticky.

Last year I ground away my Bank Holiday to a dizzying swell of house, Miami bass, baile funk and electro, all washed down with traditional dancehall rhythms. Judging by the line-up, it looks like this year will be an equally unsavoury affair, with Rodigan laying down the reggae; and the likes of Drop The Lime taking care of the more frenzied end of the musical spectrum.

There will, of course, be one pinnacle moment, that one climatic few minutes that everyone will be waiting for. And you’ll know it’s happening when those first marching-drum bars of Pon De Floor kick in. Then watch as the crowd sweat and frottage themselves into a dancegasm before hitting the free bar for beer and vodbull. Yes, you read it correctly, FREE. Oh my, I’m giddy at the thought.

The guest list this year is closed. Sniffles. It filled up in literally a minute, which I guess just goes to show what a furore Mr Lazer has whipped up. So what if Diplo and Switch have just repackaged dancehall for the club kids? It sounds mighty.




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