James Yuill Returns

Well, he kinda returned aaaages ago but I’ve been too lame to get a post up about it.

So, basically, James Yuill is fucking brilliant. His debut ‘Turning Water for Air’ was a massively under-appreciated electro folk gem and he’s followed it up with possibly an even better album ‘Movement in a Storm’.

I really don’t know what to say to get you to listen to him, I think I said all I needed to in my previous posts about him. Both albums are on spotify, and I’m putting a couple of tracks below, including the fantastic ‘On Your Own’ which was the lead single for the album (which deserves a decent remix but I’ve yet to hear one).

James Yuill – On Your Own

James Yuill – Crying for Hollywood



2 Responses to “James Yuill Returns”

  1. Yes I second that, James Yuill is a genius, and has inspired the Folktronica generation. Also Disco of Doom have remixed ‘On Your Own’. check their myspace – http://www.myspace.com/discoofdoom

  2. Yup, checked it out before they played at our warehouse party. Fatness!

    Still shocked that he hasn’t got the recognition he deserves. I have a feeling he’s got a UK tour coming up soon, fingers crossed.

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