Bye bye Hobb’s Aronofsky…?

The Sheffield-bred DJ Mary Anne Hobbs, who has worked for Radio 1 for 14 years, and whose late night show gave a platform to a myriad of artists who would never usually be granted mainstream radio exposure, presented her future sound show for the last time this week. And what a show it was. From the disgusting bass heavy ‘Lion V.I.P’ by Vex’d (a dirty dub step number that conjures up fond memories of lying in your own filth at one of the now infamous Scumtek parties), to Warp’s soulfully psychedelic Gonjasufi and Gaslamp Killer’s killer summertime groove ‘Change’,  Hobb’s does not fail to disappoint.  Check out the full two hour podcast featuring a devastatingly beautiful final mix by Hyperdub label-boss Kode9 and formally anonymous Londoner Burial on the BBC website. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

However, what really got us here at WANARB a little excited was Hobb’s announcement that she has been helping none other than THE Darren Aronofsky (Requiem For a Dream, The Wrestler, PI and The Fountain) with the score to his new film, the deliciously dark ‘Black Swan’ – a psychological horror that delves into the dark side of ballet. Hobb’s helped composer Clint Mansell strip back the original score of Swan Lake and re-work it into a contemporary form, by finding artists such as Alteretz and Sepalcure to feature on the soundtrack. Sound good? Watch the trailer and decide for yourself… This film is going to be iconic, no doubt.

So yeah sozzle for the messy post, just thought I’d pay my respects to one of the leading ladies of the electronic music movement over the past few decades, give you a few tunes, and give those retina’s a devilishly dark treat as well. So if you’ve managed to read this far, please do enjoy the shit out of this… And I must say, you’re very welcome.

Vex’d – Lion Vip

Gonjasufi and Gaslamp Killer – Change

Sepalcure – Love Pressure

Aphex Twin – Ageispolis


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