Walk like an Egyptian

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a post about The Bangles, but alas, it is not. Instead, this is a badass disco bootleg of two songs that are totally non-Egypt related. I’m not usually one for bootlegs but this is an absolute killer. Justus Kohncke’s 2005 deep house classic ‘Timecode‘ meets Rockers Revenge’s ‘Walkin’ on sunshine‘ to create a summer feel-good anthem of epic proportions.

The mysterious duo responsible for this hit go by the name of Cleo and Patra – formerly Tiger and Woods. They don’t release often, but when they do it’s always big. If you can possibly tear yourself away from Cleo and Patra’s magic – check out their previous track – Deflowered. Stompy, techy, disco house – a track that has been a big hit for me all year. Heart.

Cleo and Patra – Walk like an egyptian – Africa remake

Tiger & Woods – Deflowered


2 Responses to “Walk like an Egyptian”

  1. shout out to Ben of Potty Mouth for this little beaut!

  2. […] beginning to show that they should be taken very seriously indeed. We posted some tracks of theirs here a couple of months ago – both tracks were killers for me over the summer – and […]

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