Munk – La Musica

We’ve had to wait 2 years for it, but at last Mathias Modica – head honcho of Gomma records has returned with a brand spanking new 5 track EP. Excitement. Want more excitement? He’s giving you one of the tracks for free!

‘La Musica’ is taken off Munk’s latest E.P / Album – Mondo Vaga-bondo – and is rather large. The E.P itself is pretty boomtastic too. It’s not often that Munk releases, but when he does – it’s always amazing. Check out some of his old tracks (‘Kick Out The Chairs’ with James Murphy and ‘Soda’ remix) below, and you’ll see what I mean.

Interesting fact? Well, Mathias – who is the son of a German avant-garde music composer and an Italian singer – plays all instruments on this E.P. himself: pianos, keys, bass, guitar, drums, xylophones… as he did on the previous Munk releases. He also dabbles in vocals too. Blam.

Munk – La Musica

Munk – Kick Out The Chairs (feat. James Murphy)

Micheal Fakesch – Soda (Munk remix)




2 Responses to “Munk – La Musica”

  1. […] Check out Munks’ new video for his latest single taken from the ‘Mondo Vagabondo’ E.P. It’s always a nice thing to see Munk back in action – he’s made some killer tracks in the past. We posted some more of his stuff here. […]

  2. Cool topic. I always want to read as much about this as I can.

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