Reckless With This Tune

You can see why those late-eighties/early nineties Chicago House kids moved their bodies in the way that they did. They were all about stacking shelves and making boxes on the dance floor. And that’s because those early house tracks, like this salivator from Azari & III, were builders. They were made from solid eight-bar blocks, stacked on top of each other; progressively.

In the same way, the fabulously retrospective Reckless With Your Love is a marcher. It’s got direction. It starts with eight dubbed out bars of pure sex: a barely-there but there-to-stay bass line that’s so solid and self-assured it prompts a pout. Then the keyboard chord sequence starts looping and looping and looping, before the euphoric vocal enters the fray, with it’s street-y inflections and anthemic chorus.

I love the vocal, actually. It’s powerful and androgynous and works as a melodic antidote to the simple repetition of the track’s bricks and mortar. And it’s a great lyric, too: ‘Reckless with your love. You. Just. Give it up. Fearless with your life. But no-one can you trust’. I can see that taking on a lot of drunken poignancy in a club environment. It’s the kind of lyric which brings the wallflowers to the yard.

Anyway, the track pounds on, rising and falling amidst tantric string synths. My favourite part of the whole five and a half minutes, though, is the way is dissembles itself just as it started, breaking down the pieces like Duplo, until all you’re just left with that stalwart, snarl-inducing bass line and those lone four chords, which march stoically on at the back of the party after everyone’s left. And what’s the result of stripping this song back down to its foundations? You press play again to listen to it rebuild itself.

You know that scene in The Lion King when Simba crosses the log bridge with the meerkat and his porcine friend, nodding his head, morphing from a cub into a grown lion; walking for years? Never mind Hakuna Matata, he was probably listening to Reckless With Your Love.

Read Annie Mac’s recent interview with Azari & III here.

Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love

Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love (Tensnake Remix)




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