Planet Turbo – Remixed

Planet Turbo have released a star-studded EP of remixes which features a whole host of classic tracks by the likes of Chromeo, Popof, Boy 8 Bit, Tiga and Proxy (below) getting brand new makeovers from stars of tomorrow. Remixers are Diplo, Carte Blanche, Hey Today!, Matt Walsh and The Finger Prince. Win.

One of my faves of the bunch is probably Diplo’s remix of Proxy’s ‘8000’ – a low-slung mid tempo beast. This sound, or more to the point, this tempo is EXACTLY what I’ve been searching for all summer. I love it. For me – it’s all about the slow stuff. Grab yourself a freebie of it below.

Also, check out the rest of the E.P. here – we love the Hey Today! remix – a playful, bleepy electro house number and according to Planet Turbo “the most shameless party record we’ve ever done”. The Carte Blanche remix of Chromeo is big things too. Basically get your ass over to or Beatport and check them all out! There’s something for everyone.

Proxy – 8000 (Diplo remix)




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