Kap Bambino Kick Start – Know the Not Known

Thank f**k the technical issues at XOYO were amended and Wednesday evening’s beer swilling and Caroline Martial adoring antics could commence. Or we would have missed a screaming sweating beast of a party, and for us WANARB’onians [who let’s face it, are more than a bit partial to getting wasted and dancing till even the old balls (eye, that is) are sweating] that sort of utter FAIL just will not do…

So now that we’ve established that XOYO is back in the game, let’s get to the point; Wednesday was the first of eight of the much anticipated KnowtheNotKnown series of secret events. With Tiger Beer and Vice being the brainchild(s) of this new music project we had high hopes for this secret party. And do you know what? Apart from a bit of a slow start (yes, you too cool for school twats who think that a leg tap and a head nod is a form of dancing – bore off, we want fist pumping and hip shankin’ and shakin’ all the way) this was a party well worth the pitiful stinking Thursday morning hangover!

First on the bill were Primary 1, fresh from Joe Flory’s tour with pop starlet Ellie Goulding he and his delightful live band entertained the faceless crowd with cute synths and danceable poppy melodies, the free beer clearly hasn’t started to take effect yet as despite Primary 1 giving a fun vivacious and at times almost heart wrenchingly beautiful performance nobody (apart from us, obvs) is dancing.

After a quick and very wet cig (FYI XOYO, please for the love of God sort your smoking area out, banging club, bumming smoke spot, This is England, it rains, a lot, give us smoking sinners some shelter por favor) we mosey back down to the dance floor to check out Manchester teens Egyptian Hip Hop. Since hearing these young Manc’s earlier this year we have been slightly obsessing over this band, they write screwed up pop songs, dreamy, floaty, with a touch of Pink Floyd. Indie Pyra-Pop with Electronic toppings, no Hip-Hop involved. Egyptian Hip Hop are what can only be described as the Horrors grand children on prozac, with a hint of the Rapture thrown in for good measure. Their set was awesome, but unfortunately not good enough to captivate the crowd’s full attention. A trend that seemed to be slightly plaguing the night, that was until wanarb’s faves Kap Bambino came along to tear the house down. The stampeding Electro /Punk-rock juggernaut’s, came hurtling our way and brought with them an empowering eruption of frenzied discordance, space invader sucker-punch beats, and caterwauling incantations. And so the party REALLY begins…

Hurling herself around the small stage at 200 mph, you could be forgiven for thinking a mini hurricane had arrived at XOYO, Caroline Martial demands attention. From the moment Kap Bambino came on it was clear that this was the band everyone was here for. Having seen them three times before I was well aware of how they light up a room and their ability to send the crowd into a frenzy from their opening song, but this wasn’t happening here, not yet anyway, the crowd were just that little bit too well behaved.

Fortunately though my concerns were short lived, if anyone can transform a crowd it’s these guys and by three songs in we have a much more familiar scene with the mosh pit beginning to take shape at the front and people generally dancing, jumping, bopping and having fun. It has to be said that Caroline Martial is amazing, everyone I know has a slight crush on her (both boys and girls) she truly holds the audience in the palm of her hand (which is just a well as she spends just as much time amongst them as she does on stage, continually throwing herself from the stage, speakers or any other surface and into the crowd) and at one point even gets everyone to sit on the floor. A friend mentioned to me that he had once seen an interview with Caroline in which the interviewer asks her “what’s your motivation when you go on stage?” “I just imagine it’s the last day of my life” she replied, and you can believe her too!

After a truly epic set from Kap Bambino it was nearly time to go home, but not before a DJ set from Hot Chip‘s Alexis Taylor who saw the now (fired up and) drunken crowd through to the end. All in all a great party, with a sick line up and a fantastic start for this new set of events! We can’t wait for the next one!




5 Responses to “Kap Bambino Kick Start – Know the Not Known”

  1. maxwinnipeg Says:

    Knockipeg rock!

  2. Shit man. That crowd sounds LAME! What’s the point in going to a gig to be all serious, sacrificing your own enjoyment of the event so that you can look ‘cool’.

    It seriously grinds my gears.

    Didn’t someone make a video about this…? https://wearenotarockband.wordpress.com/2010/09/10/we-are-dickheads/

  3. the crowd sounds lame but not as lame as L.E.D’s crowd which almost made me cry. i mean come on. soulwax was there and no one was dancing. not even at front 😥

  4. Oph, it was probably because the sound was so rubbish at LED. Utterly rubbish. Festival Fail.

  5. Got_DOOM? Says:

    it was mega fail. it made me puke

    also when did this secret gig happen??

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