2 Responses to “KID A IS 10”

  1. Kudos on this Bertrum! I concur 100%…

    I’m also I bit biased, as my late brother and his then company http://www.shynola.com/ did the majority of the video blips you have uploaded. They also went on to do the vids for ‘Pyramid song’ and worked very closely with Radiohead running up to the release of KID-A.
    I remember how bold and radical it sounded at the time and how proud I was of my bro and his colleagues for being involved in what I even knew then, was something special.

    I obviously hold this album and that whole era very close to my heart, so it’s awesome to see it getting proper recognition as an important classic 10 years later by intelligent music heads like yourself!

    Great blog…
    Much love, sx

  2. That is an amazing connection you have there with the album. Your brother was involved in something amazing, the artwork is out of this world.

    Glad you enjoyed reading and thanks for the kind words Sam!


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