Rizla River Boat Shuffle!

A boat party?! I’ve managed to do most things drunk, BBQ’ing, Swimming, Various kinds of sports but I have never been on a boat and been drunk. What a fantastic opportunity! I was going to enjoy this and it was all thanks to Rizla. They had decided to throw a 2nd London boat party on the last seagoing paddle steamer in the world, The Waverly. Amazing! Into this seafaring mix Rizla had added Optimo and Special Guest Greg Wilson who threw down a wide variety of electro shanties for us to party to.

As we approached the pier and lined up for our wristbands, my heart sank a little bit as I caught first site of  the Waverly. It looks like a scaled down version of the Titantic and I realised I was going to have an epic time but it probably wasn’t going to end well. Pushing back the thought of my impending doom I strode aboard the Waverly with my three friends, all of us proudly wearing our comedy captains hats and started exploring.

The Waverly is huge and Rizla had spared no expense in setting up soundsystems all over the ship. A bar ‘Forward’ and ‘Aft’ (boom, Nautical terms) with the Dj’s positioned in the back bar guaranteed no quiet spots anywhere on the boat. As we decided to stretch our sealegs outside, we found more stacks of speakers and happy people nailing drinks whilst attching Rizla papers to each other faces. We hadn’t even disembarked yet and everyone looked as excited as us about being on this Rizla boat party.

Finally we pushed off and the tunes started thumbing, despite the windy weather most people were outside finding any piece of elevated platform they could to dance on. As we passed the Thames Barriers even some of the crew members were letting loose, good for them. The three hour trip seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, such was the good time we were all having. And apart from one of my misguided friends harressing an inflatable parrot for most of the evening and trying to re-anact the Kate Winslet moment at the front of the boat (much to the annoyance of the security), the whole party passed off without a hitch. A quick handbreak turn in the Thames Estuary and we were steaming (quite literally) back to Tower Bridge Pier.

I can honestly say I was disappointed when we had to disembark our Rizla themed boat party and I wasn’t alone, most of other the seafaring party loons aboard wanted to stay. Personally I wanted to stowaway somewhere with an inflatable parrot and party on the Paddle steamer forever. Unfortunately the Captain, who had a similar comedy hat on to me, had other ideas and after some gentle persausion, I accepted that it was time to leave. Thankfully Rizla had laid on an after party at Cable Club for all the boat party revellers, who by now were steaming themselves, they had even laid on free party buses to get you there (which of course the four of us missed due to messing around on the pier). Taxi!

The rest of the night was a bit of a blur but as I write this piece, I can look back with some fond memories of what was a brilliant party. The music was excellent, I made it back to shore alive, the crew were friendly and the drinks plentiful. Yet I’m sad because as I look back at the pictures of people dancing on funnels, others trying to ride the steamboat machinery and inflatable parrots, I’m gutted because I want to be back on the boat, but I can’t. That ship has most definitely sailed.

Check out more pictures from the party below! If you want to add your own pictures of the night, listen to some of the recorded Dj sets from the boat party, find out about future events, or just play some Rizla related games head to the official site here.

4th Level Zombie

3 Responses to “Rizla River Boat Shuffle!”

  1. dammit that looks fun. Gutted I missed it…

  2. Glad you all had a lovely time.

    Fellow nautical nostalgics can see a load more photos up on the Rizla website now – age restrictions apply.



  3. you don’t often see party buses everyday, i just thought that they are the coolest stuff in town .;’

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