Darkstar are GOLD (in my eyes)

In contrast to last year’s very popular ‘Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer’ 12”, “Gold” is indicative of Darkstar’s current direction as a three piece group. The single is an inspired cover of ‘You Remind Me Of Gold’, a Human League b-side from 1983, prompted when the band heard the original 45rpm record played at 33rpm. Rich piano lines, elegant synths and gauzy micro-rhythms accompany lead singer James Buttery’s languid, computer-processed vocals, to create a poised and breathtakingly beautiful song.

As the video below illustrates it’s not only the song that’s beautiful, the video is also stunning, and from what we here at WANARB have heard of the critically acclaimed  North we just may suggest that said album might just be the best thing to drop from Hyperdub since Burial’s Untrue. Enjoy!





One Response to “Darkstar are GOLD (in my eyes)”

  1. maxwinnipeg Says:

    Love ♥

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