Diplo goes Dippy

What once seemed like the Posh and Becks of the electro world – M.I.A. and Diplo are feuding like a couple of old Jerry Springer rejects.

Fresh out of ‘starring’ in a cringeworthy Blackberry advert (which also doubles up as a great tutorial in how to kill years of credibility in one single minute) – Diplo sends a bitchy tweet to his ex beau M.I.A. in front of however-many-thousand followers they both respectively have (still tugging on the heart strings is she Dippers?). Whatever happened to a direct message? (Or a phone call, text or email??).

The track in question is ‘Bedroom to the Hallway to the Road to the World‘ which she posted with an accompanying video on Friday (October 15). Not long after posting the link, Diplo lashed out on his Twitter page saying: “M.I.A. please stop leaking the songs you didn’t pay me for …”.

It’s not the first time he’s spoken out about her in public; he already slated her most recent release ‘/\/\/\Y/\’ – and added that she was musically uninspired since giving birth to her son last February. Meow.

Here’s the M.I.A. track in question:

M.I.A. – Bedroom to the Hallway to the Road to the World


2 Responses to “Diplo goes Dippy”

  1. diplo is a tool

  2. Got_DOOM? Says:

    i just got wet watching this. i wish i was him

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