Phoenix Perform with DAFT PUNK @ Madison Square Garden

Phoenix have enjoyed a meteoric rise to fame since releasing their break through album; 2009’s ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’. Hazmat and myself watched them play a fantastic set this time last year at Brixton Academy, they’ve since been creeping up the bill at festivals around the world and have also won a Grammy. But their gig at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night must be without a doubt one their crowning moment thus far? At the close of their set they came out for the encore with surprise guests DAFT PUNK! OMFG! I think would’ve shit my pants with excitement!

“So what’s the connection between Daft Punk and Pheonix??” I hear you cry. Well kiddies – let us enlighten you…

Way back in 1992, Phoenix guitarist, Laurent Brancowitz, was in a band called Darlin’. They played surf rock and were very much inspired by the Beach Boys. The three piece band released one track, and then split due to musical differences. Laurent went on to form Phoenix… The other two – who go by the familiar names of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo went on to form Daft punk.

Best. Story. Ever.

Check out the slightly shaky footage below…




4 Responses to “Phoenix Perform with DAFT PUNK @ Madison Square Garden”

  1. HOLY SHIT! This is utterly amazing, those lucky yanks.

  2. Interesting side note – Daft Punk were so-named because Melody Maker called Darlin’ “A bunch of Daft Punk”.


  3. bareeeeee!!!

    this is incredible. the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when i saw them appear.


  4. FUCK! I would’ve given my right arm to have been there! Until I see Daft Punk live again nothing will ever beat Wireless 07 for me!

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