Shark eats ice (apparently)

Ever wondered whether it was possible you could get Italo dirt? When I say dirt, I mean the type of music that makes you frown, do an upside-down smile, and have a little stomp? Probably not methinks. And even less so with early-80’s Italo, surely? Well, we have a little treat for you today kiddies, because here we have one such track. This is a very rare song with a very bizarre name – ‘Shark eats ice’. It was produced by Conrad Schnitzler – a lesser known producer who has made electronic music on and off for the past 30 years.

It doesn’t do anything apart from stomp hard from beginning to end, with abstract lyrics shouted in both English and German. I’ve been stomping around my bedroom to this for a month or two now – but so far haven’t had the courage to play it out. Will I ever?? Who knows.

Until I pluck up the courage – I’ll enjoy this little 80’s rarity within the confines of my bedroom.

Conrad Schnitzler – Shark Eats Ice




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