Bugged Out @ XOYO + Matt Walsh Mix

Saturday 23rd October was my first visit to XOYO, which seems to have followed in the footsteps of CAMP, providing a decent live music venue in Shoreditch. It certainly has sparked our interest here, with James Yuill playing recently, The Knocks to follow in a few weeks time, and acts such as Egyptian Hip Hop and Kap Bambino having previously graced the stage. Saturday was all about DJ’s rather than bands though, as XOYO played host to Bugged Out’s 16th Birthday Party, and boasted a head line set from the legend that is Erol Alkan.

The last time I saw Erol Alkan play was back in Jan 2008 at The End. I don’t remember much from that night, thankfully this time I remember much or my writing would end…..about…..here.

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a sweat on in a club, or actually, come to think of it, been to a club, let alone dance my ass off to the early hours, which was what I had planned for Saturday night. This was still the plan, even though hanging around at the bar upstairs waiting to order a beer I seemed to be surrounded by sweaty, stinky people, traipsing up from the basement to get some air. Undeterred by the smelly sweaty throngs we knew would be waiting in the depth’s of XOYO’s main room, we descended into it, and soon became part of the hot mess which seemed to be dancing in unison.

We entered the main room to find Bugged Out regular Matt Walsh on the decks, doing a decent job of whipping the crowd into frenzy before Erol came on. Unfortunately we only caught the tail end of his set but what I heard sounded great (you can download the set at the bottom of this post and hear for yourself) and was the perfect precursor to the main event – Mr Alkan.

The next few hours seemed to absolutely fly by, and I think I only left what used to be called the ‘dance floor’ twice. I’ve been told that it didn’t take me long to seamlessly make the change from fresh and dry regular guy, to sweaty dancing zombie, But this was fine, as it meant I fitted in with the rest of the crowd on the dance floor!

It was a real shame that the night seemed to be brought to an early finish, with XOYO shutting down at 3am, meaning come 2:20am and seeing the queue already snaking down the stairs and into the main room, I had to begin the arduous task of waiting in line for the cloakroom. It was not all bad, as capped individuals in baggy t-shirts kept me amused with their Jersey Shore antics, continually running a few steps up, fist pumping, then hanging off the handrails fist pumping again before returning to their friends. I’m still not sure if it was a sincere form of imitation, or being used in jest, but it certainly made the wait more bearable. After what seemed a lifetime, I finally grabbed the coats, and we scuffled of into East London to join the rest of the walking dead failing to hail a cab home.


Matt Walsh – Live @ Bugged Out Birthday, London, Oct 2010

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