New Black Van Mix

KoweSix and Kris Menace, AKA Black Van, return with a brand new single, and also another epic mixtape.

We posted their incredible ‘True Love’ mix here back in April – which has became one of my most listened-to mixes of all time. We highly recommend you go and feast your ears if you haven’t already. Both mixes are a concoction of techy nu-disco – Black Van call it “music that massages the cerebral lobes whilst making sure your ass still shakes”.

Rumour has it they’re teaming up with DFA’s finest Holy Ghost! – if this is true (which it looks like it is) then we’re gonna be in for some serious good times.

Black Van’s Feeling It Mix (Download)

Their new single ‘Moments Of Excellence’ is out now on Permanent Vacation – listen below or go buy it here.




2 Responses to “New Black Van Mix”

  1. ❤ these guys….

  2. They just sent through their tracklist…

    01. 6th Boroughs Project „Closer“ – Istruments Of Rapture
    02. Rotciv „So“ – Mister Mistery
    03. Tad Wily „Low Budget“ – Smash Hit Music
    04. Tiger & Woods „Love In Cambodia“ – white
    05. Illja Rudman„See“ Martin Brodin Mix – MB Disco
    06. Shandon Foley „I Know You Can“ – white
    07. Toby Tobias „Rock You Will“ Dub – Nang
    08. Larse „Off The Ground“ – We Love This
    09. Space Ranger „Superstring“ – Love Monk
    10. Luke Million „Italo Yourney Part II“ – Future Classic
    11. Black Van „Moments Of Excellence“ – Permanet Vacation
    12. The Glass „Four Four Letter“ Black Van Mix – Plant Music
    13. Moonbootica „Men Of The Future“ – Moonbootique
    14. Midnight Magic „Beam Me Up“ Jaques Renault Mix – Permanent Vacation

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