Hot under the collar

Anyone else think New Years Eve is TOTALLY over rated?? It’s always a case of not being being able to decide where to go until the last minute, get a double fare cab there, pay extortionate entry, get drunk (like any other weekend) then get another double fare cab home. Fuck that. It’s all about New years day raving!

And for us, NYD was pretty darn epic. After mooching around (i.e. getting plastered) all day on Brick Lane, we ventured to Bastard Batty Bass, where Hannah Holland and the crew were seeing in the new year in their own typical avant-garde style. Most of the evening for me was a bit of a blur, however, I do remember Hannah Holland dropping this tech bad-boy and tearing the roof off. This prompted me to play it at Queen Of Hoxton in Shoreditch last Saturday, to exactly the same affect.

The artist(s) in question is Hot Natured – AKA Lee Foss and Jamie Jones – a stellar pairing if you ask me.

Hot Natured – Equilibrium

Here’s a little cheeky bonus! Lee Foss’s Hot Natured podcast from last month. Enjoy.




One Response to “Hot under the collar”

  1. hannah holland rock it\!

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