Potty Mouth Disco Returns – 29/01/11

It’s normally around this time of year that I’ll moan about what a lousy month January is. But I’m not going to this year, as aside from being a bit of a quiet month, 2011 has actually been pretty good to me (so far). I’ve still been skint though (like proper skint) and am eagerly awaiting pay day, ’cause once pay day comes it’ll be time to party again, and the party we’re most looking forward to this month is Potty Mouth Disco on the 29th!

Anyone who was there for their Halloween party in October will tell you what an amazing night it was (check out the video here) and this month looks set to be just as special, being held at a brand new, never been used, East London warehouse location, with a headline slot from Parisian techno heavy weight Electric Rescue. Playing a full debut london live set, taking you on a journey through Popof-style minimal, melodic and industrial strength techno. Check out the 20 min sample below from one of his live sets in December. Definitely not one to miss, this will rock your box!

Also on the bill are WANARB favourites Disco Of Doom, one of London’s latest rising stars in the techno/house scene, following their massive dancefloor success ‘Sex Face’, they absolutely smashed it at our party in the summer, expect more of the same this time! They’ll be joined by Italian stallions, Franz & Shape for a one off London live show, and dj support from Alex Warren (Orlando Boom), Pete Carvell (Gash Digital), and PMD resident Red Ben.

Venue details will be announced friday, make sure you add yourselves to the Potty Mouth Disco Facebook event page to be kept in the loop. Tickets are still available and can be purchased here.

See you on the dancefloor!




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