Evil Nine – For Lovers Mixtape (Valentines Edition)

Brighton duo Evil Nine have put together this awesome new mixtape for all those lovers out there. Fortunately though you don’t necessarily have to be loved up to enjoy it, you just need to like good music. At over 90 minutes the eclectic mix is packed with top tracks from the likes of Jokers of the Scene, Harvard Bass, Boy 8-Bit, ChromeoMetronomy, as well as featuring Evil Nine’s own up coming single ‘It’s You’. There’s even a bit of Barry White thrown in for good measure. Download now, it will almost certainly make your day better.

Evil Nine – For Lovers Mixtape [Download]




1. Love You (FL edit) – Bazza W
2. Magic number (FL edit) – Big Herby
3. Joking victim (Shit robot remix) – Jokers of the scene
4. The Exorcist – Shades of rhythm
5. Giant (Pilooski edit) – The The
6. More than you know – Ramadanman & Midland
7. Dum (Hookers & Blow remix) – The martin brothers
8. Unknown – Krikor
9. Calcium (Tr 505 version ) – Strip steve & Das glow
10. Pruno – Harvard bass
11. Beat that bitch with a bat – Blackman
12. Tropical heat (Roy apron dub) – Boy 8-bit
13. It’s you – Evil nine
14. Extreme compote – Brodinski , Noob , Harvard bass & Djedjotronic
15 Hot mess (Djedjotronic remix 1) – Chromeo
16.What’s up ? (dub mix) – Alex Kenji & Thomas gold
17. Boadacia (Evil nine remix) – Mason
18. Love Money Music Body (Evil nine remix) – Arveene & Misk
19. Berline (Funkineven remix) – Darling farah
20. Battle for middle you – Julio bashmore
21. The look of love ( FL edit )
22. She wants – Metronomy

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