Miami Noize 2011

With WMC/Ultra Week fast approaching I’m beginning to feel sick to the stomach that I’m not gonna be back in Miami for it this year, seriously I think last year was some of the most fun I’ve ever had? Why am I not going this year?! Oh yeah, probably something to do with the cash flow…

Anyway Boys Noize Records have just released this teaser for the upcoming Miami Noize album which will either make you really excited for Miami, or sad that you’re not going. Either way there’s no denying it will be another hit for the Boys Noize Records crew featuring  exclusive tracks from the whole gang as well as guests Lone and Noob. Listen below, track list is after the jump!

Miami Noize 2011 is out on Beatport 28th March and every where else 11th April.




1. Djedjotronic “Fritz”
2. Strip Steve “The Freaks”
3. Bart B More & Harvard Bass “Listen To This”
4. Jan Driver “Rattlesteak”
5. D.I.M. & Tai “Glass”
6. Housemeister “Get Naked”
7. Lone “For Ed”
8. Shadow Dancer “Macid”
9. Boys Noize “Kontact Me” (Siriusmo Remix)
10. Les Petits Pilous ” Lazy Rider”
11. Noob “Banga”
12. Bart B More & Harvard Bass “Listen To This” (Jan Driver Dub)

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