Atari Teenage Riot : New single + 2011 tour details

One of my favourite performances from Last years Offset Festival was with out a shadow of a doubt, Atari Teenage Riot. The digital hardcore group played an epic set. I got pretty much beaten the shit out of in the mosh pit* and ached for a couple of days after, but it was all worth it. The sheer adrenaline you feel from their gigs is something you have to experience!

So you can imagine my excitement when I learned Alec Empire and co are returning to London in May to play a date at the Forum (along with support from another WANARB favourite Kap Bambino) to promote their forthcoming album Is This Hyperreal?’.

ATR release their new new single, ‘Blood In My Eyes’, through Digital Hardcore Recordings 4th April. Download for free from Check out the video below for a little taste of what to expect on the tour. Tickets for the forum are on sale now, get them here.


*Note to self : you’re too old for mosh pits.



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