The return of Justice…

When Justice, (AKA Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay) released ‘Cross’ in summer ’07, they created a musical frenzy that propelled them to stardom. Their heyday ran from summer 2007 and tailed off in 2009, but for that short period of time, they were the hottest act on the planet. Little wonder then that their long awaited return has been such a hot topic of discussion.

Undeniably, music is not as it was back then; the scene they helped put on the map has decayed, French electro is all but forgotten, and it’s clear that Justice would need to adapt if they want to get even a sniff of that stardom back. However, one thing that stands in their favour, is that they are incredibly talented songwriters – just think of all the remixes they did of their own tracks in their live shows.

So what’s the consensus on their new single ‘Civilization’? The best way to describe it is that it’s an electro rock symphony. It kicks off very much like ‘Killing in the name’, but quickly drops in with the trademark stompy beats that we know and love(d). Where it wins for me however, is the chorus – it has a real anthemic, sing-a-long feel to it. Vocal-led electro rock tracks are going to be the way forward for these guys (they are rockers after all), and here, with the help of Ali Love, they’ve created a feel-good anthem that you’ll have stuck in your head long after it’s ended. It certainly gets my vote.

Welcome back Justice.

Civilization was released April 4th, you can go buy it at iTunes.

Justice – Civilization (Original Mix)




2 Responses to “The return of Justice…”

  1. Knockturnal Says:

    Welcome back HazMat.

  2. Aww shucks, you’ll make me blush Knockturnal… Good to be back!

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