SOCIETY : DJs Mixtapes

With our next warehouse party only days away, it seemed like an appropriate time to offer you an insight into the musical variety that will be served up on April 9th. We’re incredibly hyped about SOCIETY and this revisiting of the scene from 87 to 93. What makes this even more special is the legends of the era who will be joining us plus some exciting, current talent!

Top of the order is East London Heroine – Hannah Holland. Hannah recently released her new EP called Paris Acid Ball and clubbed together this fantastic mix that boasts old skool beats with her own familiar bass-laden style. One of the most exciting sounds in Europe,  Hannah willl be playing a one-off 87-93 set that will in likelyhood, tear down the foundations of our warehouse. You can also check out her interview for SOCIETY with Notion Magazine.

Hannah Holland – Paris Acid Ball Fierce Mixtape

Often known as the God Father of rave music Slipmatt – AKA Matthew Nelson burst into the Acid House scene in 1988 and quickly rose to the top, playing in front of up to 15,000 people at legendary events like Raindance, World Dance, Fantasia, Dance Paradise, Dreamscape and Temptation. Have a listen to this classic SL2 track for an idea of some of the gems Slipmatt will be digging out this weekend.

As one half of the production duo Hot City, DJ Haus has collaborated with New Order legend Bernard Sumner and had records released on Infrasonics, Ramp and Highpoint Lowlife, but he’s equally prolific on the 1210’s under his DJ Haus guise, having DJed at the likes of Fabric, Bloc, Cream Ibiza, Corsica Studios and Cocoon Frankfurt.

Haus will be DJing for us at this weekend’s SOCIETY party and will be joined by MC Markus D – the only MC we have booked for this event – and an MC who actually compliments the music rather than talking over mixes and generally taking over. This will be a set that spans 1987 through to around 1991, and it’ll be a show-stopper, that’s for sure.

The man himself put together a little teaser for this weekend’s action, check it out below or head over to his YouTube channel to hear some of his productions.

Next up is DAWL who mixes and scratches his way through these two sensational mixes. One a pure Hardcore set and the other a strictly 89 – 90 set. SICK.

Dawl – 1989 – 1990 Mix

Dawl – Hardcore 1991 Mix

Nicky Dungeons will be joining us to play a classic Acid House set. Former resident of the legendary Dungeons venue, in the early Dungeons years 88-90 nearly every top DJ played there. (Be it Linden C, Ellis Dee, Carl Cox, Mr C, Eddie Richards, Fabio + Groove Rider, Rhythm Doctor, Colin Favour, Seduction etc.) Throughout the 90’s Nicky played on and off under different names (Nicky D, Mr Dangerous and lately Nicky Dungeons) and played at a host of different venues (Dungeons, Camden, Bagley’s, Mass) Nicky has been playing up and down the country playing at events like Retro Sonics, Epidemiks, Slammers, Earthquake and N-JOY to name but a few. Check out the mini mix of his below.

Nicky Dungeons – Let’s Go Back! (Nicky Dungeons Mashup)

Todd Hart benefits from living very near to the biggest Oxfam in England, why is this a benefit I hear you cry? Because it allows him to buy and collect a strange but exciting collection of music. Not content with filling his house with discs he also shares his passion on the extremely good Dalston Oxfam Blog. He’ll be playing a geeky Acid, New Beat set at SOCIETY this saturday. Check out his mix below.

Direct Link

If you like what you hear from all these mixtapes then you need to get yourself along to SOCIETY on Saturday the 9th of April. We’ve already sold all of our 1st and 2nd release tickets and have just added a limited 3rd release run of tickets due to the fantastic response for the night. Go to Resident Advisor now to purchase tickets and avoid disappointment on missing out.

4th Level Zombie



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