Shades of Breakbot

Breakbot AKA Thibaut Berland, is a French producer and DJ born in 1981. Anyone who knows me know that I’m a huge fan of his, so when I heard ‘Shades Of Black’ it’s pretty obvious I was gonna be waxing lyrical about it! Once again he manages to create a sound straight out of the disco years of the 70’s and 80’s, yet adding that French twist by using stabs and edits that give it that ‘Ed Banger effect’.

It’s taken off the ‘Let The Children Techno’ album, which is out now on Ed Banger. You can listen to another Breakbot classic (one of my all-time favourite tunes) here, or go check out our interview with Ed Banger’s head honcho, Busy P, here.

Breakbot – Shades of Black




One Response to “Shades of Breakbot”

  1. somehow his tracks always get me thinking of summer…

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