Watch : ‘The Electro Wars’

After what seems like ages, ‘The Electro Wars’ has finally been released and can be watched until friday over at Pitchfork. The documentary follows the rise of Electro house in the States over the last couple of years and features an impressive list of interviews with DJs and producers of the scene.

It is unquestionable that the Electro genre has reached a broader American audience in the last two years. I am determined to document the scene and its participants, show the inner workings of the genre and what it will eventually evolve into. The notion to document this genre was conceived in 2008 after reading a blog post with the same title ‘Electro Wars’ featured on the Hipster Runoff. The post was a sarcastic outlook on electro/house artists in the United States and Europe, and their impact on mainstream music here in the United States. I found a substantial concept within the snarky commentary and decided to assemble these “electro soldiers”. It seems that every other day a new remix is popping up on the blogosphere, how does this affect marketing for other independent artists? Do they welcome the remixes or oppose them? Is music overload possible? What will eventually happen when all these budding producers grab a hold of a Pro Tools tutorial and develop their own remixes week in and week out? Will the remix itself become obsolete? Will original tracks have to step up to the forefront rather than recede into the background? Themes of this nature are explored in the film.

Check out the trailer below then go watch the whole thing here.




7 Responses to “Watch : ‘The Electro Wars’”

  1. I hate to say it, but this looks like the lamest, most self-mythologising pish I’ve ever seen.

  2. Knockturnal Says:

    It’s also come across as a very outdated. The scene has changed massively in the last couple of years, that Jackin’ sound has gone and ‘Electro’ has almost become a dirty word these days… I thought it was worth posting regardless though, it’s interesting from the blog perspective. Maybe I should have said this in the post? Meh… I’ve just got up.

  3. I wholeheartedly second the first comment. I got nauseous within the first 15 minutes. What garbage

  4. Just shows how far behind they are in the US…

  5. Mattatat Says:

    Having said that the US is really behind (which I think they are in electro / dance terms), bear in mind the R&B / 2step explosion over here in the last couple years… HudMo et al blazing slightly bastardized versions of what has been pop music in the states for a decade.

  6. Mattatat Says:

    Agreed though, it is an interesting footnote to electro – almost like watching its death throes (although LMFAO going top 10 kinda makes me hate the world).

  7. so insanely outdated and actually quite embarassing to watch, the guy went to a lot of effort, but the whole doco lacks substance and goes no where really

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