Watch : ‘Wait and See’ the new video from Holy Ghost!

How many dads are as cool as DFA duo Holy Ghost! Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser’s? Not many I’m willing to bet. The new video for latest track ‘Wait And See’ features the fathers portraying the sons in a hilarious poke at their super-cool NYC lifestyle. It shows the geriatric hipsters dressed in skinny jeans, hoodies and leather jackets, waking up with half-eaten pizzas in a messy bed, msning Classixx, and finally chatting up fitties after a gig they play.

I’ll be honest, the track isn’t their best and to those more familiar with their debut single ‘Hold On’ or their remixes, it’s quite a bit of a departure in sound. But truthfully, this delightful little video directed by Ben Fries is so full of fun, it really suits the poppier sound. Check it out now.




2 Responses to “Watch : ‘Wait and See’ the new video from Holy Ghost!”

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