Manscape before you Mindscape

Hailing from Leeds, Robert James is part of the Hot Natured / Jamie Jones / Lee Foss gang who are currently running things. Their cacophony of nu-disco and techno is very much the sound of the moment, and it looks set to go from strength to strength this summer.

Whilst Robert James is lesser known (due to the fact he’s much newer on the scene) the tracks he’s put out have been widely acclaimed; Malibu was (and still is) a huge hit, and the more recent collaborations with Lee Foss, Jamie Jones and Fb Julian under the guise of ‘Pteradactil Disco’ have all been gaining a ton of spins by budding DJ’s everywhere.

The track below – Mindscaping* – is a belter and went down a storm when I played it last Friday at Potty Mouth. It’s out now on the new ‘Hot Waves’ compilation album (compiled, unsurprisingly, by Jamie Jones and Lee Foss).

*Just to clarify, Mindscaping has nothing to do with manscaping; the act of shaving one’s balls.

Robert JamesMindscaping

Here’s a mix by Robert James, which you can download and keep forever. Enjoy.

Robert JamesData Transmission Podcast




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