An Open Letter To HMV Forum Regarding DFA 1979

Dear HMV Forum,

With regards to your recent concert of Death From Above 1979, I’d hereby like to raise a few issues, which I felt greatly impacted on my overall gig-enjoyment.

Firstly, I ought to clarify that I was on the balcony.  And I understand that there are rules and health and safety and whatnot but I have never in my life been told off for dancing at a gig. Complete and utter total sad-face.

We acquiesced to your demands and sat down, peering over the balcony, watching the pit surge and sway, feeling pangs of envy that you can’t imagine. We watched beer fly through the air. We listened to joyous shouts and the crowd move in unison like a graphic visualisation of a virus attacking the stage. Just think how much we wished we were down there.

The urge to dance got too much to handle. And, as our tickets clearly stated “Unreserved Seating And Standing” we figured there must be some place we could throw ourselves about a little. So we asked. And we were told. And we trudged behind your staff member to the very back of the balcony. At that point I wished I’d brought along some small binoculars, you know the type you’d get in theatres on school trips?

Squinting at the stage we jumped around.  But it lost a lot of its magic (and sound quality) from such a distance. And it made us sad. So Dear HMV Forum, please think twice about putting on bands such as Death From Above 1979 because if you are truly honest, they just don’t belong at a venue like yours.

Yours Sincerely,




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