Azari & III Remix EP

Azari & III (pronounced ‘3rd’) are a duo of north Canadian producers whose productions and remixes to date read like a manual of how to make dance music. Deeply ingrained with the soul and fervour of Chicago House and taking influence from dark analog techno, their sound is easily recognisable.

Each and every single or remix to date, including original ‘Reckless For Your Love’ and their percussively hard hitting mix of Munk’s ‘La Musica,’ has had massive support from just about every DJ, and has gained them a loyal following on blogs and forums.

In anticipation of their debut full length release via Loose Lips Records on 1st August, they’ve come full circle and freshly pressed a remix E.P of their first release ‘Hungry for the Power’. If your ear wasn’t pressed flush to the floor you might have missed this track the first time around, but with additional mixes by Art Department, Sei A and Jamie Jones, now you’d have to be deaf to miss it!

My choice pick off of the E.P is the Dub mix, swapping out sequenced bass jacks and synth stabs for a smoother groovier ride.

Azari & III – Hungry For The Power (Dub Version)

Munk – La Musica (Azari & III Remix)

Laurence Coponêt



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