Disco of Doom are Invading… New EP and Mix tape!

Disco of Doom are invading. But don’t worry, there’s no need to run to the hills, not yet anyway… This invasion is a good thing, an invasion of good music if you will, in the form of their latest EP ‘Invader’ (which dropped this week on Discobelle Records) and an awesome new mix tape they’ve put together as a preview for their upcoming set at Glade Festival.

The new EP features four original tunes from the boys as well as three remixes from Arveene & Misk, Bowski and Mason. Powerful, driving and with a hint of menace in each of the tracks, I think it’s safe to say that if techno is your thing you’re gonna dig it. Don’t just take my word for it though, the EP has already gained support from major players such as Annie Mac, MixhellLarry T, Bart B More, Tony Senghore, Jaymo & Andy George, DousterJapanese PopstarsEtienne De Crecy and many more!

As a bonus Disco of Doom are giving away Arveene & Misk’s remix of Invader which you can grab for yourself simply by ‘Liking’ their Facebook page, so what you waiting for? Go get it! Download the Glade mix below, track list is after the Jump…

Disco Of Doom – Invade Glade Festival 2011




Max Bett ‘I Am Here’ (FORM)
Pleasurekraft ‘Anubis’ (Great Stuff)
Noob ‘Wild’ (FORM)
Unkown Bowski Remix (Wax On)
Does It Offend You Yeah? ‘The Monkeys Are Coming’ Disco Of Doom Remix (Cooking)
Djedjotronic ‘Tetris’ (BNR)
Neurodriver ‘Teleport’ (Lot49)
Tiga ‘Shoes’ Noob Remix (Turbo)
Disco Of Doom ‘Doomsday’ (Discobelle)
Chad Valley ‘Up & Down’ Panteros666 Remix

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