Greco-Roman Label Mix For Trax Magazine

Greco Roman mix for Trax Mag AprilSo this gem of a mix by Joe Goddard & Full Nelson came out in April and I’ve been listening to it pretty regularly since. I’ve totally fallen in love with it; it’s very much a case of the more I listen, the more I like. So imagine my surprise when I check the SoundCloud page today and spy it’s only had a pitiful 230 or so plays and only 65 downloads. What’s up people?! From the Casetteboy opening to Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs downplaying it with beautiful track Critisize, to Four Tet’s luscious remix of Apple Bobbing by Joe Goddard to the inclusion of Golden Axe by the awesomely-named Mums Of Death, this is simply brilliant.

Drums Of Death is actually featured on this mix a few times, but it’s really his pairing with Mumdance that’s his standout moment here. In fact, despite this mix showcasing only a few acts from the Greco-Roman stable, it flows wonderfully and has some real headphones moments. Do this mix justice and download it now.

Full Nelson & Joe Goddard Greco Roman Label Mix For Trax Magazine




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