Serge Gainsbourg Remixed by Feadz

Serge GainsbourgSaying you don’t like Serge Gainsbourg is a bit like saying you don’t like Fleetwood Mac. Basically, you’re wrong. I can accept that some people may not have got around to listening to him yet, and that’s fine. But, seriously, rectify that.

To the French, Gainsbourg is a national hero. So it’s only fitting that Gallic label Ed Banger Records have got their filthy paws on one of his tracks. Feadz has remixed “Flash Forward”, a track from 1976’s L’Homme a Tete de Chou, for Ed Banger’s ‘Bootleggers With Respect’, where artists take classic tracks and remix them.

You can check out the other remixes done by Busy P and DJ Mehdi respectively over at the Busy P blog.




One Response to “Serge Gainsbourg Remixed by Feadz”

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