John Tejada in an Unstable Condition

Hailing from America (but born in Vienna, Austria), veteran producer John Tejada marks his first release on Kompakt with a real 7am floor burner. It’s nice to see Kompakt releasing a track like this, it’s been a while since they’ve put out some serious techno…

My pick off the EP, ‘Unstable Condition’, is a lazy, ethereal plodder with playful soft synths underpinned by punchy kick drums. Tejada has a knack for making tunes that have a soft feel about them, yet at the same time they manage to cause the necessary level of confusion for the discerning late night party goers. The EP is out on Kompakt now – click here to listen to it in full.

John Tejada – Unstable Condition

Here’s a classic track he made a few years ago. I’d still gladly play it these days.

John Tejada – Sucre [download]




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