Eastern Electrics – 29/05/11

What do you get if you cross three top promoters, a massive storage space in South London and a bank holiday sunday in May? Eastern Electrics that’s what, who steam rolled back into town the sunday before last with promoters Mulletover, Bloc and Deviation in tow. Returning to the place they call home – the Great Suffolk Street warehouse. And what a home it is! Possibly one of the most impressive warehouse spaces I’ve been to, with each room occupying a huge brick work archway.

We arrive around midnight and after a quick walk round to get our bearings, we make a beeline for Mulletover. As we enter the arena we find Mulletover’s resident (and main man) Geddes playing back to back with Clive Henry, warming up the already pumped crowd for the evenings main event; a four hour set from Germany’s DJ Koze.

The plan was to spend a little bit of time in each room, but once Koze comes on his set is so damn captivating that we stay in exactly the same spot until the end of the night. Koze effortlessly crosses genres flitting from techno, house and disco as he builds his set. It’s around about this time that things become a little blurry, my last memory being Koze dropping Soul Clap’s – Lonely C (feat. Charles Levine) which sends the crowd into a frenzy. We leave at 6am, tired but still smiling with (hazy) memories of what was a fantastic night!

Eastern Electrics will return Bank Hoiday Sunday 29th August.


All photo’s Copyright © 2011 – Paul Underhill

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