Robot(s) Rock

The ModelRomanian artist The Model has teamed up with My Favourite Robot to produce such a standout track and accompanying video, that it’s kicked off some intense geek-excitement in me. Still In My Heart is this haunting ‘80s synth number that record label Crosstown Rebels has described as “a vampish feast of 80s proto-house”. Which is frankly awesome. If that description doesn’t sell it to you alone, then there’s probably something wrong with you. It’s okay though, because the video is definitely going to win you over. It somehow fits perfectly even though the retro sci-fi concept isn’t the first thing you’d imagine upon hearing the actual song.

I’ve absolutely fallen head-over-heels in love with this video. Part original Battlestar Galatica, part Voltron with a hint of Neon Genesis Evangelion and a hefty dollop of vintage Japanese monster movies. It’s worth watching a few times over, it’s that good. If the video’s not doing it for you then chances are you’re not a massive geek like me so just head over to Crosstown Rebels’ SoundCloud page to check out samples of the remixes they’ll be releasing alongside the original version.




3 Responses to “Robot(s) Rock”

  1. That video is totally ripped from Robot Jox!

    Hope nobody’s passing it off as their own.

  2. pettingparty Says:

    I’m pretty sure Crosstown Rebels would have got permission to use it as they’ve been posting about it saying it’s an official video.
    Thanks for pointing out where it’s from and being a bigger geek than I though!

  3. […] ARE NOT A ROCKBAND: Robot(s) Rock (The Model feat My Favourite Robot – Still In My Heart music […]

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