Só Not Barcelona.

Were you too poor (like me) to go to Sonar this year? Did your friends (like mine) jet off to Barcelona today? Are you going to be feeling sick (like me) with jealousy for the next few days? If you answered yes to any of these questions then The Big Chill Bar is on hand to help cheer you up!

Now in it’s second year ‘Só Not Barcelona’ returns to The Big Chill Bar from tomorrow for another three nights of cutting edge sounds, featuring a selection of the most exciting electronic artists on the planet right now and the best thing is… it’s all free! This years event features sets from:

Jon Convex / Andrew Hung (Fuck Buttons) /

DJ Crabbe b2b DJ Haus / Bad Autopsy / LOL Boys / Mister Sushi

/ Kwistax/ The Monitors / DJ Love’s Tru Flavour

Check out the promo video below, then hit up the official Big Chill site for the full details! It’s Só Not Barcelona, but no ones gonna stop you pretending that it is…




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