Trouble Vision Summer Session Review

trouble vision sat 11 juneIt’s now my firm belief that there is no friendlier night in London than Trouble Vision. It’s so rare to go out and experience an evening where your drinks stay unspilled, your toes stay un-stomped and you don’t get barged past in the bogs. I chatted to people in the queue to get in, outside having cigarettes, at the bar and even inside the club bang next to the speaker. Literally everyone I spoke to was nice and welcoming and proper sound. The atmosphere the Trouble Vision crew create is something quite unique for London, and actually something special.

Combine this with their consistently good lineups and what you get is a loyal following of regular goers. Being a Trouble Vision virgin myself, I was totally unaware of this and, in all honesty, with it being at Corsica Studios, was expecting a pretty standard Elephant-And-Castle level of crazy attitude. So glad to be proved wrong.

The night is somewhat of a blur in all honesty. I know what I saw was really good, even if I can’t tell you exactly what tracks were played. What I can tell you about is that warm fuzzing feeling you get after a fantastic night out. What I can say is that it’s one of the best nights out I’ve had in a while. What I can do is recommend that you get down to Trouble Vision and find out for yourself how awesome it is.

If that glowing reference doesn’t satisfy you then I’d advise you to head over to Tensnake’s Official Website and signup to download his latest free mix. It’s really rather good. I’d also strongly suggest you give Lee Foss’ latest podcast a whirl.  He claims it was delivered to him by “B6 the Backwards Motion Robot” and mixed by a future version of himself at a Hot Natured Party on Saturn in the year 2082. There are so many standout tunes on this mix, from Luca C & Brigante feat Ali Love – Morals (Clockwork remix), to Slowhands – Belle Of The Ball and to the superb moment that Agoria’s remix of Inner City’s Big Fun kicks in; you can see why he’s said it was an extra-terrestrial “classics set from the early 2000’s”. Download it now for instant lushness.

Lee Foss – Modern Amusement Podcast 01




2 Responses to “Trouble Vision Summer Session Review”

  1. so pissed off i didnt go!!! 😦

    sob sob sob

  2. pettingparty Says:

    I told you to come!! No one else to blame but yourself 🙂

    (it was amazing)

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