Eastern Electrics 28/08/11 Special Guest Announcement: Maya Jane Coles

The last Eastern Electrics back in May saw something of a team outing for We Are Not A Rockband. It was blurry, hazy, big on Red Stripe, low on memories, but ultimately bags of fun. Basically, the next one for August Bank Holiday is going to be even better.

Excitement has been building for Renaissance Man in the Made To Play room partly due to their Midsummer Mix having been on rotation on my iPod. But now, oh my gosh now, I cannot contain my excitement for Miss Maya Jane Coles.

Yes, Eastern Electrics have just announced her as Mulletover’s Very Special Guest. Having heard her on a Lee Foss podcast, then again at a friend’s house, then again somewhere else; you just get that all-pervading sense you get when it’s that artists year to be really big. Her track Senseless is a good starting point if, for some reason, you haven’t heard of her, as it’s positively beautiful. Then you should definitely go check out her Essential Mix.

If all the other artists playing EE in the Mulletover, Made To Play and Reprise rooms haven’t convinced you to get a ticket to what is surely one of the best parties south of the river, then she certainly should. Get an earlybird ticket now whilst they’re still only £12.50.

Maya Jane Coles – Senseless




4 Responses to “Eastern Electrics 28/08/11 Special Guest Announcement: Maya Jane Coles”

  1. montagano Says:

    I love maya jane coles…

  2. pettingparty Says:

    Her essential mix is sick.

  3. i haven’t heard it… need to get my mitts on that

  4. pettingparty Says:

    Downloadable: http://soundcloud.com/r_co/maya-jane-coles-essential-mix
    The Patrick di Stefano track and the Eats Everything track are my personal highlights.

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