Soul Clap – Baker Man Remix

DJ and production duo Soul Clap are at the forefront of the revolution of artists successful for blurring the lines between disco, techno and house. It’s also no real surprise that these guys are American too – our cousins across the pond have been running the show for a while now. What I find ironic though, is that America doesn’t seem to have woken up to their homegrown talent yet; I’ve been out there 3 times this year (visiting Miami, Chicago and Denver) and noticed their ‘scenes’ are predominantly based on tech house, techno and trance(!). Oh and dubstep.

Anyway, Soul Clap’s remix of Baker Man by Laid Back is a joy to the ears, and is the track that has impressed me most from their ever growing discography.

Laid Back Baker Man (Soul Clap Remix)




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