Singapore Swing

What? Electro? Piss off, that died out with Teletext  years ago didn’t it? True, Electro has lost its way in the last couple of years, becoming so retarded in places that it actually sounds like hard house. But that hasn’t stopped underrated DJ/Producers Paul Chambers and Shinichi Osawa collaborating to produce a sensational new album called Singapore Swing.

This album came about after the duo produced a track by the same name on Shinichi’s album SO2. The success of this track inspired them to lock themselves away with only a few snacks and a bassbin for company to produce the Singapore Swing Album. Due for release on the 27th of July in Japan and hopefully a release in Europe for August/September. I’m sure everyone in Europe will be waiting anxiously for that date as no one in Asia uploads and downloads music, no siree….

Anyway, below is a little teaser of what to expect from this much hyped album and thankfully it doesn’t sound like the usual Electro trash that we’ve been subjected to for the last 3 years.

Shinichi Osawa/Paul Chambers – Singapore Swing

Not heard of Paul Chambers or Shinichi Osawa before? Get your lugholes round these then and learn yourself.

 Paul Chambers – Yea, Techno!

 Shinichi Osawa – Moroccantea Demo

4th Level Zombie





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