Watch: Doncaster Rave 1992

Set in Donnie (which is in the north of England for our non-UK readers), in some warehouse, this is a little trip down memory lane to when Acid House ruled – and pills were clearly decent! My god. Look at these gurners. I’ve never seen anything like it. Part of me feels slightly sorry for them; some cruel bastard has filmed these guys and they’re all blissfully unaware. But hey, we’re having a good laugh out of it so who cares.

Once you’ve been slightly weirded out by the sneaky muscle man at the start (seriously, what the fuck is going on there??), check out the dude that is gnashing, snarling and shooting the air (2 minutes 10 seconds). What a legend. Never in all of my days have I seen anyone pulling faces like that.

I wonder what these guys are up to now? Do they even know that this video exists?? Amazing.


One Response to “Watch: Doncaster Rave 1992”

  1. Brilliant…..the guy at the start is so wasted he can’t even move so he’s just shuffling from side to side, grinning to himself and hoping no one notices!

    p.s. you misspelt Donny but I’ll let you off this once!

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