Nicolas Jaar @ Fabric : 27th & 28th July 2011

As far as last minute plans go, here’s a good one:  Head to Fabric and give in to Nicolas Jaar’s demands.

Back in June, with my claws ready, I clamoured over tall and big strangers, best friends and one boyfriend to see him play at Sonar by Day… but to no avail. The young man’s presence and the early birds didn’t leave enough room for lil’ old me to see the gig. SO tonight (or tomorrow night!) is THE night.

It’s a fucking good opportunity to get entangled in exciting music stitched together intelligently.

Tonight’s gig, 27th July is accompanied by Valentin Stip and Gadi Mizrahi, while tomorrow, 28th July features all of the above plus Soul Clap.

I thought I was pretty excited for this London Electronic night, but those Soul Clap dudes seem pretty eager too:

“Can’t wait for the thrills and chills. With this group of artists new ground is constantly being broken live in the moment. So glad to be aboard this musical roller coaster.” – Soul Clap.

See you bitches there.

Nicolas Jaar – Variations




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