NT89 – Tyme

If you havent heard of NT89, I’m not surprised. Although Italy is bursting with amazing producers, it seems that NT89 – real name Nima tahmasebi, hence the NT – has been quietly going about his business. He recently burst into the international scene at the beginning of this year with remix work on Steve Aoki’s mix album and signing for PIE artists management family in the states. This was quickly followed up with a live UK debut with Shadowdancer and Autokratz who he joined at this years 1,2,3,4 festival in Shoreditch along with Zombie Nation.

This is not to say he was being a lazy bum before 2011; with three EP’s already under his belt across different labels including Fatboy Slim’s Southern fried recordings, he was already on an upwards trajectory. Before that, NT89 had also remixed for ZZT’s ‘The Worm’, Zombie Nations ‘Worth it’ and Tiga’s ‘Mind Dimension’. And all this was completed whilst being sound assistant to Bloody Beetroots no less. So yeah fairly busy.

On August 8th his new label home, Gang Bang Recordings, is due to release his 4th EP – Tyme Mixture – Featuring the tracks Tyme, Lyfe and Syne. To add the hype of this release, NT89 mixed his original track and the two remixes into one long preview which you can hear below.

NT89 – Tyme (original mix into Das Glow Remix into Djedjotronic Remix)

And to stoke the publicity fire even higher, NT89 added a neat little mix just yesterday. Subtle.

NT89 – Tyme Mix

4th Level Zombie




Prince Umberto & Jono Ma – Jack it Potato
Midnight Savari – Rimshots
Beni – It’s a Bubble (Dj Sneak remix)
Deetron – The Maze
Soul Clap – Incoming Bitch (Get Low!)
Spektre – Vektor
NT89 – Tyme (Djedjotronic remix)
NBTD – Poisson Vert (TWR72 remix)
Light Year – 5 Girls (The Finger Prince remix)
Smrtphone – #1 (Remute remix)
NT89 – Tyme
NT89 – Lyfe
Rogerseventytwo – You Take MeHigher (NT89 remix)

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