One To Watch: Patrick Di Stefano

patrick di stefanoIn all honesty, I don’t know very much about Patrick Di Stefano. I do know he’s from Torino, and…. well, actually that’s it. Okay, the basis of my knowledge on him rests on this one killer track I’ve heard that I absolutely need to share. Much like the Eats Everything track I blogged earlier, I first heard Underlight on the Maya Jane Coles Essential Mix. In fact, those two tracks (plus an unreleased MJC track I have yet to find a name for) really shone out far above the rest of the mix.

Underlight is a proper stomper, hence why I’m playing it to you on a Friday. You *need* to listen to this before going out tonight. Maybe I’m just a sucker for anything vaguely progressive but how can you not want to go out dancing after listening to this?

Patrick Di Stefano – Underlight




3 Responses to “One To Watch: Patrick Di Stefano”

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  2. pettingparty Says:

    Concise commentary, as ever, gentlemen.

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