Art Department At Sónar

Art DepartmentHere is a short list of things I like: Barcelona, birthdays and Canadian duo Art Department. Combining these three would be something quite super-special so that the fact I didn’t is fairly gutting. Barcelona’s annual Sónar Festival fell on my birthday this year and I so desperately wanted to go. Sadly I wasn’t able to. What you’re probably saying to yourself now is Oh well that’s a bit pants, but probably not so bad ‘cos they played Saturday Lovebox recently, riiiight? Well guess what. I didn’t go to that either because I was off busy attending someone else’s birthday across the other side of the country.

Listening to this live DJ set of them playing at Sónar kills me everytime (which is a lot as I’ve had it on repeat) when I think of how that’s twice I’ve missed out in as many months. With unreleased gems like new track All Mine, and Tanner Ross’s Untitled Bside sparkling amidst current stompers such as Benoit & Sergio’s Everybody to the lovely way last year’s Bakey USTL – Tender Places is weaved in, leading on to recent track Lucky Paul feat Milosh – Thought We Were Alone (Gadi Mazrahi & Eli Gold remix); this is a stunning mix that really captures Art Department’s downtempo aesthetic. And ending with a double-shot of Maceo Plex? Joy. Pure joy. I am head over heels for this mix and have only the slightest miff that over certain tracks is a vocal to prevent people from copying them. I get why it’s been done it’s just a bit annoying when I’m getting right into the vibes. So I guess there’s only one thing for it: GO SEE ART DEPARTMENT LIVE.

Art Department – DJ Set @ W Hotel, Barcelona, Off Sónar June 2011

Petting Party



3 Responses to “Art Department At Sónar”

  1. Spot on!! I blogged about this the other week, I too was gutted I couldn’t make Sonar or Lovebox to see these lot.

    And I missed them in Miami too.

    Gotta catch them somehow before the year is out.

    Brilliant mix.

  2. pettingparty Says:

    Yeh, I *need* to see them! I’m sure they’ll be back in town soon enough. And when that happens, I WILL BE THERE.

  3. […] On a personal note, I couldn’t be happier with the move as it means I get to spend my birthday watching bands and going on funfair rides down the road from my house with most of my mates. With budgets looking even tighter next year, Sónar is sadly out of the equation so I’m delighted to have a brilliant birthday option now suddenly on the table. (Unlike last year when I was ridiculously gutted to have missed Art Department’s amazing set at Off-Sónar). […]

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